Veterinary Woman has published Champions for Change, a free downloadable ebook which profiles sixteen inspirational people, nominated by their peers, who are making a difference and creating positive change for women in the veterinary sector.

The book highlights some of the ways that action is being taken in the profession to retain and develop female talent, build women’s economic empowerment, support women into leadership, decision-making and business, and create infrastructure that meets the needs of women. 

Profiles include Dr Katrin Jahn, who is paving the way for female veterinary professionals in the Middle East and Dr Jyotika Sangle, who works in regulatory affairs in India, where the veterinary profession is not considered to be a career choice for women, and its importance is not well understood.

Also profiled is Perdi Welsh, who is working to enhance career progression options for veterinary nurses, and Samantha Lympany-Tier, who is advocating for the role of veterinary care assistants and patient emotional welfare in clinical practice.

Veterinary Woman editor, Jenny Langridge, said: “When we’re feeling worn down by work pressures it can be difficult to envisage change for the better, but the veterinary professions are bursting with people driving innovation and development in many different ways.

"I hope that our ‘Champions for Change’ eBook will help vet professionals of all types to find inspiration from the stories of the amazing efforts taking place within the sector to drive new thinking and improvements to wellbeing, career prospects, equality and inclusivity.” 

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