The British Veterinary Association has launched 'Great Workplaces', a workplace accreditation scheme designed to help address some of the  recruitment and retention issues in the veterinary profession.

The BVA says that securing 'Great Workplaces' will be a collaborative assessment process.

Each workplace will have a dedicated, experienced accreditor from a veterinary background, who will work with leadership teams and employees to gather a full picture of their workplace. 

Workplaces will be assessed in four main areas: health and wellbeing, leadership and management, culture, and learning and development. 

Successful workplaces will achieve either gold or silver accreditation.

Those that don’t meet the criteria yet will be recognised as ‘working towards’ accreditation and will be supported to make the changes needed to achieve success next time around.

Successful workplaces will hold their accreditation for three years and at the end of that period they will be required to undergo reassessment to retain their accredited status. 

BVA President Anna Judson said: “As well as attracting more people to join our veterinary profession, ensuring we retain the incredible talent we already have is critical to building a resilient and sustainable veterinary workforce.

"Positive workplace culture is central to achieving this and Great Workplaces by BVA is an innovative new approach that puts the well-being of vet teams front and centre.

"The knock-on impact will be good for vets and vet practices, good for clients and ultimately, good for animal welfare.

Photo: BVA

“Workplaces accredited under this new scheme, will be seen as employers of choice, attracting top talent who seek fulfilling careers and a healthy work-life balance.

"For existing team members, working in a recognised Great Workplace could enhance job satisfaction.”

A number of workplaces have already undertaken Great Workplaces accreditation during a series of pilots in 2023.

Two, Westport Veterinary Clinic in Linlithgow and South Moors in Devon, have become the first veterinary workplaces to receive a silver accreditation.

Fiona Leathers at Westport Veterinary Clinic, said:  "At Westport Veterinary Clinic, our collaboration with the British Veterinary Association and its Great Workplaces accreditation scheme has been transformative.

"It has given us invaluable insights into how this initiative positively impacts workplace culture and employee well-being.

“The simplicity of the accreditation process and the approachable nature of BVA’s accreditors facilitated seamless integration of the scheme’s principles into our daily routines.

"The tangible impact of the Great Workplaces accreditation has been profound.

"It's fostered a more inclusive, supportive, and cohesive environment, elevating employee satisfaction and bolstering team morale significantly.

"This experience extends beyond personal growth; it solidifies our belief in cultivating healthy work cultures.”  

Photo: BVA

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