Animalcare has announced that Buprecare, its multidose buprenorphine analgesic for cats and dogs, is back in stock at the wholesalers following a move to a new manufacturing site.

Buprecare is indicated for post-operative analgesia and the potentiation of the sedative effects of centrally-acting agents in dogs, as well as post-operative analgesia in cats. 

It is presented in a 10 ml multi-use bottle.

Animalcare Product Manager Eleanor Workman Wright said: "Buprenorphine is a potent, high affinity, synthetic opioid.

"It plays a central role in many practice anaesthesia protocols so we are delighted to announce that it is back in stock."

For more information, contact your Animalcare Territory Manager or contact Animalcare’s head office on 01904 487687. 

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