Animalcare is offering veterinary practices free pots of Procanicare, its GI support product for dogs.

Procanicare contains three canine-specific strains of Lactobacillus bacteria, which the company says are proven to improve stool consistency, accelerate recovery following acute episodes of diarrhoea and improve well-being.1

The company also points to a number of studies which it says are evidence of the importance of supporting puppies' intestinal microbiomes.

'New puppy diarrhoea' is, it says, typically due to exposure to factors that are known to risk microbiome disturbance, such as diet change and going to a new home, at a time when the microbial population is at its more sensitive.2

Animalcare says other studies show that microbiome disturbances in early life can have a significant impact on health in adulthood.2,3

James Beaumont, Marketing Manager at Animalcare said: “We often hear from breeders, new puppy owners and vets that puppies which have had Procanicare seem brighter, have firmer stools and less flatulence. With the evidence mounting that the adult intestinal microbiome is shaped in early life and knowing the important and varied role that it has in wider health throughout life, we want to help vets proactively support the GI health of their youngest patients by providing Procanicare for them to trial, with no risk.”


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