Adaptix has launched the 3D Veterinary Imaging System, which the company says has the potential to transform dental and orthopaedic imaging both from a clinical perspective and a financial one.

Unlike a normal 2D X-ray system, Adaptix's system fires very low-flux X-rays from many different positions in a sequence.

This allows the system to reconstruct a stack of slices through the patient which can be reviewed like the coronal slices from a CT scan, with only marginally more of a dose than a single 2D X-ray. 

Adaptix says this means each side of the jaw can then be seen separately and clearly, in a much easier workflow than taking multiple intraoral 2D X-ray images. 

Dr Conrad Dirckx, Director of Product Management at Adaptix said: "The system is both lightweight and simple to install in an existing radiology or treatment room, and it is also very useful for orthopaedic imaging.

"It reduces the workflow time for dental imaging from about 12-20 minutes to less than three.

"On top of that, it offers veterinary surgeons access to advanced 3D imaging for most complex orthopaedic cases without having to buy a CT scanner and sacrifice a treatment room, or refer the patient away."

The system is also being offered with an innovative pay-per-study pricing model, through which Adaptix installs the system with no capital outlay, and charges on a 'per-study' basis which also covers maintenance. 

The system is available from Clark Dental Veterinary:

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