Effective wound lavage is a crucial step of wound management, everyone has heard the saying "the solution to pollution, is dilution" and this is true with wound lavage. It is important to ensure you are using the correct amounts of lavage solution, the correct lavage solution and are achieving a PSI (pressure) suitable to do an effective job. It's not something we are taught much about in our vet nurse training, but it is something which can make a huge difference in practice.

There are loads of standard operating procedures in place in our practices, to ensure the smooth, safe and effective running of our  clinics, but not many practices have a wound management SOP but this is something we should be looking to pushing forward, so everyone is doing the correct and same procedures, to maximise the wounds healing potential.

We have some great webinars available on wound management. Interested? Why not take a look at vetwoundlibrary.com for more information on becoming a member.