The following meeting, generously sponsored by Swann Morton, was held to give general practitioner vets an opportunity to put questions about small animal surgery to Alasdair Hotston Moore FRCVS, in a format where we could share the answers with veterinary colleagues elsewhere in the UK and beyond. Scroll down for a list of the questions.

Although the meeting was for veterinary surgeons, many of the questions and answers will be of interest to veterinary nurses, and you may claim the time spent watching the film towards your CPD requirement.

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The Questions:

0:00 Introduction

2:02 Laura Dell'Abate: What has changed in time with suture patterns?

10:13 Manuel Vega: If you don’t discontinue the mucosa, can you give NSAIDS in a prophylactic gastropexy? And in a non-complicated GDV?

14:44 Francisco Gomez: I can neuter any female dog with a small 2-3 cm incision. Is there any added value to keyhole spay or is it owners' perception?

23:43 Chukwudi Ekwukoma: What is the future of small animal surgery?

30:15 Kate Murphy: What procedure do you think people view as “simple” or “routine” but actually isn’t really?

34:15 Stephen Butterton: Do you have any tips for insulinomectomy?

38:36 Ana Santos: Do you have any tips to maximize success of palate resection in BOAS surgery? I feel I'm not resecting enough.

47:30 Simon Vogel: How would you say people’s attitude towards surgery varies between continents, with respect to the animal, cost, and family?

51:49 Gabrielle Mitchell: How can you reduce tail lumpectomies/ amputations from breaking down?

55:53 Angie Henderson: Please advise on the best and safest suture pattern you use for git surgery eg: enterotomies. Thank you.

1:01:01 Clare Smith: Do you have any tips for preserving the parathyroid gland during feline thyroidectomy?

1:06:25 Julian Earl: Do you think there is still a case for the use of catgut in veterinary surgery?

08:56 Florin Delureanu: Can we reimplant the parathyroids in a muscle pouch at the surgical site if we remove them unintentionally because we were unable to identify at the time of thyroidectomy and we found them after?