Allergies - Dermatology Course Competition entry


7 year old Labrador X Welsh Sheepdog

Condition: Allergies


This is Eris. She has been a very interesting dermatology case.

When Eris was around 6 months of age, she was tested for allergies as she was scratching a lot. Her flea treatment was up do date and brushed regularly. Her bloods showed an allergy to dust mites, house mites and storage mites. She was started on ARTU allergy vaccines, which seemed to be helping her. Her house was also sprayed with Indorex regularly.

After being on this vaccine for a few years Eris became itchy again and really started to chew her feet, thankfully she never managed to damage her skin.

We decided to retest her allergy panel and the results were shocking. Not only were the allergy levels from the original tests multiplied by 10 but there were also 8 extra reactions which included grass and wheat which is everywhere where Eris lives and gets walked. As the ATRU vaccine worked before the new vials were requested (now 2 vials for the 12 allergens) and she was restarted on the new vaccines.

Unfortunately this time they did not work. She was trialled on several different anti-histamines as at that point there was a shortage of Apoquel and the allowance was set for other cases.

Once Apoquel came back into full supply she was started on this and all her symptoms disappeared.

Unfortunately after nearly 2 years on Apoquel Eris’s haematology came back with her white blood cells very low. Her case was discussed with the vets from Zoetis she was taken of Apoquel for 6 weeks and her bloods retested. Her white blood cells returned to normal so an adverse reaction to Apoquel was reported.

She did have an MRI for an unrelated issue and a nodule in her lung lobe was discovered, ruling out the use of Apoquel completely now.

Eris was tried to be walked with boots but she looses them in the fields.

Eris is now on Yumega Itchy dog which takes the itch away some days. and has recently had her first dose of Cytopoint. This does help but the Apoquel had better results.

She has also just had her first session of Class IV laser to see if that helps as well

  • Allergies - Dermatology Course Competition entry

    On a personal note to add to this. I am an allergic person myself and get frustrated with the itching so I can relate to all the poor allergic animals

  • Allergies - Dermatology Course Competition entry

    Current treatment: class IV laser and cytopoint