From today and until further notice, and Jobs are free of charge, so that practices which find themselves with staffing problems over the coming months can broadcast a shout for help.

When you post a job advert, or a shout for assistance on VetNurse Jobs, it is emailed to subscribers immediately and fed out onto other social networks. You can further extend the reach of your post by sharing it yourself and (with "Share and reward") encouraging other members of your team to do likewise. 

I have taken the decision to drop the charge for advertising because it seems very clear now that we all face a very grim few months ahead, and it has never been more important that we all pull together and support each other, both personally and in business.

Of course, removing the charge for advertising for help on and is not, in and of itself, going to save anyone from going under, but I hope perhaps other veterinary suppliers might follow my lead and consider dropping their prices until such time as everyone is back on their feet.

Over the last few months, has been undergoing a major upgrade, and we're now within two weeks relaunching the website. When we do, I have a number of other ideas in the pipeline, all designed to help bring the profession together and support each other, which I will announce shortly thereafter.

Meantime, take care everyone.

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