Your Vet Specialist, the public face of the British College of Veterinary Specialists (BCVSp), has launched a series of podcasts for animal owners, available via Apple.

In the first episode of the series, BCVSp Trustee James Swann speaks to Dr Rosanne Jepson about dialysis in dogs and cats. A specialist in internal medicine in dogs and cats, Dr Jepson explains why dialysis might be needed in pets for treatment of kidney disease and whether it's ethical to do this treatment in animals.

In episode two BCVSp trustee Celia Marr speaks to James Wood, Professor of Equine and Farm Animal Science at the University of Cambridge about zoonotic diseases and their importance for animal and human health in Africa.

BCVSp trustee Myra Forster-van Hijfte, who is responsible for Your Vet Specialist’s public outreach programme, said: "Podcasts are a great addition to our website, giving animal owners a convenient and highly engaging way to learn more about the Veterinary Specialist’s role. The advantage of audible platforms is that they enable content to be accessed more or less wherever you are or what you are doing. We hope our listeners will enjoy our first series as much as the team did making them."

The BCVSp says the podcasts are also designed to be a useful resource for practices to direct their clients to for more information on specific topics.

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