CVS Group's new CEO, Richard Fairman, has announced the company's new maternity policy, and that it has signed the Time to Change Pledge, committing it to change the way it thinks and acts about mental health in the workplace.

The new maternity policy will offer enhancement at 100% of full pay for 10 weeks, and 50% of full pay for a further 10 weeks, without any clawback provision should mothers decide not to return to CVS after their leave.

As part of the Time To Change Pledge, CVS will submit a plan for introducing evidence-based interventions and policy to help its employees work in ways that promote positive mental wellbeing.

CVS's plan includes the appointment of 250 Wellbeing Champions who will be trained in first aid for mental health. The company also plans to roll out further training on managing stress and mental health issues for line managers in 2020.

Richard, pictured right, said: "We are proud to be the first major veterinary employer to sign the Time to Change Pledge. The CVS wellbeing working party have made much progress in the last 12 months delivering our plan which has been formalised through participating in the Time to Change pledge.

"We recognise that the pressures in our industry are significant and unique, and that there’s more work to do. We remain committed as a company and wellbeing working party to changing the way we all think and act about mental health in the workplace for the better."

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