Royal Canin has been awarded an International Cat Care Award for Pill Assist Cat, a product being launched next year to help cat owners administer medication.

Pill Assist Cat is a soft treat pouch into which you insert a tablet, mould the pouch around the tablet and then feed to the cat.

Royal Canin says that in its tests, tablets were administered to cats successfully in 91% of cases using Pill Assist, which is not far off the 97% achieved with Pill Assist Dog which was launched earlier this year.

Erin Carr, Veterinary Marketing Executive at Royal Canin, said: "It’s an honour to be recognised by such an important industry body. 

"Pill Assist Cat is set to launch next year. As with our Pill Assist Dog products, the aim is to make a real difference to pet’s health and wellbeing by turning pill time into a positive experience for both the pet and the owner."

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