Davies Veterinary Specialists reports that it has performed its first corneal xenograft on a Chihuahua with a melting corneal ulcer. 

The dog, called Pepe, needed urgent treatment to repair the cornea before it ruptured, so the team at Davies decided to use a new xenograft derived from a pig cornea, rather than waiting to see if an allograft became available.

The xenograft, which was developed in China, is aseptically prepared, sterilised and freeze-dried so it can be stored for months or years if necessary before use.

According to Davies, the graft had been used in China and the USA, where the early results had been promising. Now, following Pepe's successful treatment, Davies is now using the procedure in more cases over here in the UK. 

For more information, visit: https://vetspecialists.co.uk/services/ophthalmology/ 

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