Dechra Veterinary Products has launched Tranquinervin, an injectable acepromazine for horses.

Tranquinervin, which contains 10 mg/ml acepromazine, is indicated for anaesthetic premedication, tranquilisation and sedation.

Emma Jennings, Brand Manager at Dechra said: "Tranquinervin provides tranquillisation or a mild sedation for several hours, making it a valuable tool for many day-to-day veterinary scenarios.

"At low doses, acepromazine reduces anxiety which is beneficial for use in horses prior to shoeing or transportation. At higher dose rates, it is an effective sedative for use in situations like dentistry or handling. The relaxant effects also aid examination of the penis in horses and the treatment of tetanus and choke.

"There is also reduced anaesthetic risk reported following sole premedication with acepromazine in healthy horses1."

Tranquinervin is available in a 20 ml vial with a 56 day broached shelf life. It can be used in conjunction with Dechra’s equine anaesthesia and analgesia app which is designed to help you choose optimal anaesthetic protocols and calculate anaesthetic drug doses and administration rates quickly and easily. 

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  1. Johnston, J.M; Eastment, J.K; Wood, J.L.N. et. al (2002) ‘The confidential enquiry into perioperative equine fatalities (CEPEF): mortality results of phase 1 and 2.’ Vet. Anaesthesia and Analgesia 29, pp.159-17

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