Alex German BVSc PhD DipECVIM-CA SHFEA, FRCVS, Professor of Small Animal Medicine at the University of Liverpool is hosting a Royal Canin webinar on the challenges around canine and feline obesity management on Tuesday September 24th.

Royal Canin highlights that obesity is one of the most common diseases that veterinary professionals face, and impacts patients' quality of life1, as well as their life expectancy2,3. Compliance is a common challenge in weight loss and even those that successfully reach their ideal weight frequently regain weight later. It therefore makes sense, says the company, to focus on prevention as well as long term management for obese cats and dogs.

Caroline Burke, Royal Canin UK Weight Management Specialist said: "Obesity is one of the most common diseases that vets and nurses see in practice, and this webinar is the latest in our programme of education around weight management. Vets and nurses will have the opportunity to learn about how they can help prevent, as well as manage obesity in practice, allowing them to truly make a difference to the lives of their patients."

Alex added: "Obesity is an ever-growing issue for cats and dogs, understanding the risks and prevention techniques is paramount for both pet owners and industry experts. 

"This webinar aims to suggest how a lifelong practice monitoring programme can be implemented for the prevention of obesity. Whilst also reviewing the outcomes of weight management and defining types of prevention techniques which can be implemented."

To register for the webinar, 'How to be proactive rather than reactive for effective, preventative obesity management’, visit:


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