Vet nurse brings pilates to your practice

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Vet nurse brings pilates to your practice

Veterinary nurse and ex practice owner Kate Bartels has launched Practice Pilates, offering pilates sessions for veterinary teams to help both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Kate, who has worked in practice for 30 years, said: "Pilates does more than just give you a strong core. By tapping into your mental wellbeing even for a short period, it allows that disconnection from the pressures of the day, and encourages the mind to press that reset button. We draw attention to our breathing, our physical well-being, and our mental health.

"By introducing practice pilates once or twice a week, you will find your staff will feel relaxed, mentally calm and engaged. You will also begin to find that they will suffer less and less with those aches and pains brought on by sitting for long periods, and so will suffer less with, and even eradicate lower back pain."

"By helping you practice pilates together as a team, I aim to nurture friendships, allay any clustering of personalities and provide a stable platform for all to be equal."

Practice Pilates has a network of instructors which are allocated to certain regions around the country, and Kate says the aim is to roll out the service, and cluster visits in each area, to keep costs low.

Sessions typically last 45 minutes to one hour, so they can fit into a lunch break. 

The company offers a monthly subscription which provides slightly lower per class rates, or a Pay As You Go option. The service is being launched with reduced rate taster sessions.

For information, telephone Kate on 07780 603534 or email:

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  • where do people find the time for this? my lunch break is 30mins (when I get it)