J.A.K Marketing, has developed a new 'ThinkGreen' section of its website which recommends environmentally friendly products that practices can use to reduce their impact on the environment.

A few examples of the products in J.A.K Marketing's 'ThinkGreen' portfolio include the Purfect Anaesorber, BAG’EMS biodegradable poop bags, Tick Twister products (made from recycled plastic) and Bamboo stick cotton buds.

The website also gives a snapshot of the sorts of things that J.A.K itself does to reduce its impact on the environment, including the use of environmentally-friendly brown paper and recycled cardboard boxes for packaging. The company has also switched to certified sustainable FSC paper for most of its printed marketing materials (including the master catalogue) and is working with courier companies who have targets in reducing CO2 emissions.

Managing Director, John Holland said: "J.A.K Marketing is committed to the protection and preservation of the world’s ecosystem. By undertaking our productivity and operations responsibly and sustainably, we recognise that reducing the environmental impact of our activities is very important. We will strive to achieve environmental excellence within the veterinary industry and will continue to work closely with our employees and commercial partners to establish and follow the principles of our ThinkGreen policy."

Sales Director, James Johnson said: "With growing interest towards the protection of the environment, we need to make it easier for veterinary practices to identify products where there is a benefit to the environment by simply switching to a like for like ‘greener’ alternative. As part of our long-term strategy, we are dedicated to growing this area of our business, welcoming feedback from the profession of how we can all work together to achieve this."

Those wanting to offer inspiration and feedback can do so on the form at the bottom of the ‘ThinkGreen’ page: www.jakmarketing.co.uk/thinkgreen.

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