Burgess Pet Care, the organisers of Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW), is thanking veterinary nurses for their help in making this year's campaign the most successful in its 13 year history.

This year’s Protect and Prevent campaign urged rabbit owners to get their rabbits vaccinated, following the continued outbreak of rabbit viral haemorrhagic disease (RVHD2). Veterinary practices were also urged to make sure they were stocking the necessary vaccines to protect rabbits against RVHD2, RVHD and myxomatosis.

The company says that over 5000 campaign packs were downloaded from the Rabbit Awareness Week website and sales of RVHD2 vaccines in the veterinary sector in June 2019 were 55% up on June 2018.

Peter Lancaster, Marketing Manager at Burgess Pet Care said: "We would like to say a huge thank you to the RAW partners, veterinary practices, rescue centres, pet shop retailers and, of course, rabbit owners, for their continued support in helping us to improve the health and wellbeing of rabbits."

Dr Richard Saunders BVSc DZooMed MRCVS, veterinary advisor to RWAF said: "We heard lots of heart-breaking stories from owners and vets alike about rabbits, sometimes whole groups of rabbits, which had not been vaccinated. None of those people realised just how widespread the RVHD2 is, and how easy it is to pick it up. We will continue to campaign and share our message that it is very much better late than never to vaccinate rabbits against all three killer diseases of rabbits: myxomatosis, Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 1 and 2."

PDSA Vet Nurse, Kristiana Shirley, said: "Rabbit Awareness Week provided us with a great opportunity to engage with rabbit owners and raise awareness of the key preventative healthcare our bunnies so vitally need.

"During Rabbit Awareness Week in June, we saw a significant increase in the number of vaccines given when compared to previous months, and an increase in our rabbit MOTs too, which we hope is just the start of a trend which sees more owners protecting their rabbits from preventable, fatal diseases."

For more information on Rabbit Awareness Week, including free access to rabbit CPD, visit www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk 

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