Vet Record in war of words with CVS chief over vet nurses

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Vet Record in war of words with CVS chief over vet nurses

The Veterinary Record has gone to the extraordinary lengths of publishing a recording of CVS chief Simon Innes to substantiate its claim that Mr Innes had said veterinary nurses should take on 'mundane work'.

Having listened to the recording, it strikes me that the Veterinary Record has misinterpreted Mr Innes, and the danger is that his perfectly valid point will now get drowned in a sea of outrage. 

What Mr Innes actually said was: "I think it is time to start creating a more fulfilling, more rewarding career for our nurses, and I think that the Americans are showing us the way. They have vet techs and I think that we can do that; I think that isn't the, necessarily the answer, but one it will create a much more rewarding career for veterinary nurses and also some of the reason that vets leave is because they don't like the mundane stuff, so let's give the mundane stuff to nurses.

Considering the overall context of what he said, it is glaringly obvious Mr Innes champions the idea of giving nurses a more rewarding role. So the idea that he was saying: 'Let's give the shit jobs to nurses' is frankly ludicrous.

It is obvious that what he actually meant was 'Let's give some of the stuff that vets find mundane to nurses.' He just didn't express it as well as he might have done.

Mundanity is subjective. What is mundane for a vet is not necessarily mundane for a veterinary nurse, particularly one who has been relegated to sweeping floors for any length of time. 

Mr Innes has come in for quite a lot of flack for some of his comments recently. I'm not sure about the other stuff, but on this, he is clearly not guilty. 

You can agree or disagree with his view that nurses could be given greater responsibility and vets could delegate some of the tasks they find mundane.

But it would be a great shame if his point got drowned in a sea of outrage over semantics.

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  • well its one way of making your nurses feel wanted and keeping them interested I suppose. But surely then you will need more people to do the stuff that nurses find mundane too?