Sarah Taylor and Zoe Daley, the veterinary nurses behind, have launched a new initiative which they hope will offer veterinary surgeons and other nurses a welcome, calming distraction from the stresses of practice life, and raise money for Vetlife in the process.

The Crafty Vet Project aims to ignite your interest in one of a range of creative hobbies, which include cheese, beer, candle, soap and teddy-bear making, with kits available for sale from the new 'Craft Corner' section of their website. £3 from the sale of each kit will go to Vetlife.

Sarah said: "We wanted other veterinary professionals to experience the same pleasure that we get from creative hobbies. It is a chance for people no matter what day you have had to switch off, follow a pattern or instructions and come out with something at the end that you can be truly proud of."

Your new hobby might even turn into a nice sideline business. Sarah said: "One evening over a catch-up Zoe and I were discussing items that we wished we had in practice to make our lives as nurses easier.

"Despite having drunk 2 bottles of wine together we felt that there and then was the best time to start our new business. Two hours later having chopped up an old pair of curtains, accidently sewn my jumper sleeve into the material and woken my husband up at 3am to our cackles, we had the first prototype of our Slumberpet Recovery Coat.

"Our business has grown nicely since then and we are still coming up with more ideas, albeit in a slightly more sober, professional manner."

To select and order your hobby kit, visit:

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