Excel Lasers has launched Onemytis 2, a new type of electrosurgical "knife" which it claims will revolutionise veterinary surgery, in the UK.

Developed by Italian tech company, Otech Industry srl, the Onemytis 2 uniquely uses gas ionisation to vaporise tissue at lower temperatures and, claims Excel, with greater precision than is possible with conventional electrosurgery.

The knife works by a strong electromagnetic field through air. This releases plasma which vaporises tissue at a maximum operating temperature of 50°C (compared to more than 118°C in conventional electrosurgery).

During surgery, the electrode does not touch the patient. Plasma is formed when it is between 1 and 2 mm away from the patient, depending on the power setting. This means the surgeon does not apply any pressure when creating an incision, allowing greater precision. 

The Onemytis range starts from £4500 +VAT.

West Sussex first opinion vet, Julian Hoad, Head of Crossways Veterinary Group, started using Onemytis last year for a range or procedures including laparoscopic surgery and the removal of masses, often without the need for a general anaesthetic.

Julian said: "I’ve used electrosurgery for 20 years and this is an order of magnitude better. It is more precise, more reliable and results in a much better healing surface."

"I recently removed an enlarged lymph node. The mass was around the mesenteric root. Because Onemytis is so precise I was able to dissect around the blood vessels, removing tissue that was attached to them with no blood loss. Onemytis is also excellent for removing epulides. It cuts though gingival tissue with very limited burning and produces very good, pain-free healing."

"I now routinely use it for performing nostril widening surgery in brachycephalic dogs; it reduces surgery time dramatically and completely abolishes bleeding in most cases."

"I have also used it to remove a large mass from a dog’s spleen and, by using a combination of Onemytis and Ligasure, managed to do so with a total blood loss of less than 2 ml."

Steve Hayden, Director at Excel Lasers, said: “We are delighted to be bringing Onemytis 2 to the UK. An important part of our role is to identify the technological innovations we think are most likely to help vets and their patients and Onemytis really stands out. The feedback we have had from our clients has been extremely positive and we think it has a fantastic future in veterinary surgery.”

To find out more about Onemytis 2 and watch videos of it in action, visit: https://www.excellasers.com/airplasma/

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