Chanelle has launched Insistor 10 mg/ml solution for injection for dogs and cats, a premedication for general anaesthesia or neuroleptanalgesia in combination with a neuroleptic drug.

Insistor, which contains methadone hydrochloride, is now available in the UK in a 10ml bottle for use in dogs and cats, POM-V.  

Chanelle says Insistor can also be used for analgesia in animals experiencing post-operative pain or pain caused by trauma.

Chanelle’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Killian Gaffney, said: "Insistor joins Chanelle’s extensive anaesthetic, analgesic and sedative range. Insistor (methadone hydrochloride), Butador (butorphanol) and Bupaq (buprenorphone) complete the 360° Opiod suite of products from Chanelle.

"We are pleased to add Insistor to our portfolio of products, which builds the offering to veterinary surgeons of anaesthetic products."

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