The RCVS poster you’ll want to display in your practice

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The RCVS poster you’ll want to display in your practice

The RCVS has published a new waiting room poster which details what pet owners and veterinary professionals should expect from each other.

It’s very significant because it’s the first time the College has produced material for practices that highlights the responsibilities of pet owners, as well as those of veterinary surgeons and nurses.

As such, it should be a really useful tool to support the advice given by veterinary surgeons and nurses in practice.

In other words, don’t just stick it on the wall in some hidden part of the waiting room. Display it prominently by the reception desk, and point to it when explaining why owners need to make their own arrangements to bring the animal into the practice in emergency, for example. Or why you can’t prescribe drugs when you haven’t seen the animal for 8 years. 

The idea for the poster was first mooted by Jonathan Wray MRCVS in the forum on, after he’d seen a similar thing produced by the French regulator for veterinary practices in France. decided to produce an English version with input from vets as to what they would like a UK version of the poster to say.

On reflection, however, it was always something which would carry so much more clout if it came from the regulator, so we turned the idea over to the RCVS.

To its great credit, the College ran with the idea and had the poster designed and put through its Standards Committee. The result has now been posted to all practices in the UK, with a pdf version available to download from

The RCVS is now inviting feedback about the poster at

If you like the poster, I really do urge you drop the College a quick line at that email address and say so. Better still - and I will probably be put on the naughty step for saying this -  cc and It was they who took the idea forward and made it happen. I think they deserve a round of applause. 

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  • Two suggestions floated since the poster was published. First, print a4 copies and add one to every new client registration pack. Second, produce a version that can be signed, because: " "Apparently, behavioural economists have identified The Signature Effect where the physical act of getting someone to sign to acknowledge a statement actually does make them more likely to comply."