The Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) has published two new factsheets for pet owners, one about vegetarian diets and the other about food allergies.

The PFMA says the factsheets have been produced with nutrition experts in response to demand from industry professionals. 

Nicole Paley, Deputy Chief Executive, PFMA said: "We launched our factsheet range just over a year ago to tackle and dispel many of the myths around pet food. The range now covers sixteen subjects and with over 3,400 downloads, they have proved to be a valuable resource for pet professionals at the front line of pet care.

"We decided to add the Vegetarian Diets Factsheet and Food Allergy and Intolerance Factsheet to our range in response to demand for clarification on these topics. Owners are exploring alternative diets and whilst cats are obligate carnivores, dogs are omnivores and can adapt to vegetarian diets. As with all diets, they need to be well-balanced and our factsheet contains top tips.

"The Allergy Factsheet explains the difference between allergies and intolerances, which are both adverse food reactions but are very different conditions requiring different advice from veterinary professionals."

To see the full range of PFMA factsheets, visit:

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