Virbac has announced the launch of Eradia, the first and only metronidazole for dogs in a flavoured oral suspension.

Suitable for both puppies and adult dogs, Eradia is presented in a bottle with an award-winning1 'All-In-One Smart Cap' which stops the person administering the product from coming into contact with the solution, is child proof and offers flexible dosing options.

Available in 30ml and 100ml bottles to cater for all dogs, Eradia can be administered either directly into the mouth or on to food.

Virbac says that Eradia has been shown to be accepted by 100% of dogs2, thereby alleviating any possible problems administering metronidazole.

To find out more about Eradia and any of the other products in the Virbac antibiotic range, please contact your Virbac Territory Manager.


  1. Pharma Pack Award 2018. 
  2. Nicolas CS, Martins F, Pujol C. Evaluation of palatability of a metronidazole-based oral suspension in dogs when poured on the food and at different stages of shelf-life. In: Proceeding of the 5th World Congress on Advanced Clinical Trials and Clinical Research. J Clin Trials. 2018;8:45.

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