Free dog food for veterinary nurses

Veterinary Nursing News

Free dog food for veterinary nurses has launched a Vet Nurse Programme through which it is offering to feed dogs belonging to RVNs free of charge for six months. makes food specially tailored for individual dogs. When you register with Tails, you're asked a number of questions about your dog's breed and lifestyle. From that, the company then prepares a unique recipe, which is delivered to your door.

As part of the Vet Nurse Programme, Tails is also offering a £6.50 credit on Amazon for every client you refer. They in turn will also receive a free one month trial. 

You can sign up to the Vet Nurse Programe here. Alternatively, email or ring 0203 962 0911.

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  • I tried to sign up for this, it’s gives u one month free but after that it charges you!!!

  • I tried to sign up for this, it’s gives u one month free but after that it charges you!!

  • I’ve had the same experience- I’m waiting for a reply from their customer service team as to why

  • Sorry, there was a bust link in there, my fault, but it is fixed now and takes you to the 6 month offer.

  • Hi I still can’t get this offer to work either , any tips ?

  • oh fiddlesticks, these links are a bit of a nightmare ... try again now. Should work.

  • It takes you to the page ok , you register but asks for no veterinary details and no programme information appears . Therefore it takes you to the regular charging page ‍♀️

  • oh dear. I didn't get that far. Suspect the best thing to do if you have problem is to email that address in the news story instead.

  • I’ve emailed & am waiting for a response

    The new link didn’t work for me either, just took me to my previous registration & checkout

  • Hi - I work for and want to clear up any confusion.  When you click the link, you will be taken to You can see that the 6 months free promo has been applied in the top right hand corner of your screen. At checkout, it will say that this month is free but next month will be charged.  Don't worry, promo has applied 6 'tokens' to your account. Once you receive your first month of food, your second 'token' will be activated and following month will show as free (and so on, for 6 months).

  • Shame no one responds to thier e mails

  • Still not working!  

  • Still charging me £49.63!!!!

  • It’s worked for me - first bag on its way. Just have to wait & see what happens with the next bag

  • I've just signed up - says my next bag is £22 so will she what happens next month!