Ceva Animal Health has launched two new tongue-in-cheek TV ads which show people hiding in fear when visitors arrive, scratching furniture and urine spraying in order to highlight behaviour patterns which Adaptil and Feliway are designed to help with.

Ceva says the adverts, which will air on Channel 4 and Channel 4 partner channels until 20th January, will reach 15 million people. That might prove a conservative estimate though, because the Adaptil advert on YouTube has already had over 800,000 views, whilst the Feliway advertisement has had very nearly as many.

In addition, Adaptil has partnered with The Times to support its 'Walking the Dog' podcast series hosted by radio presenter and journalist Emily Dean.

During the podcasts, Emily talks with celebrities like Noel Fitzpatrick, Jimmy Carr, Rob Bryden and Jonathan Ross as they walk their dogs. An Adaptil advert airs at the start, middle and end of each podcast.  

You can hear the podcasts on itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/walking-the-dog-with-emily-dean/id1220510307 

Abigail King, behaviour product manager at Ceva Animal Health said: "Our new TV advertising campaigns and podcast partnership will boost awareness of both Adaptil and Feliway throughout the festive period and into January, when changes to routine, visitors in the household and loud noises from Christmas crackers and fireworks can challenge even the most laid-back pet."

For more information, visit: www.adaptil.com or  www.feliway.com.

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