BSAVA Congress will move to Manchester

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BSAVA Congress will move to Manchester

The BSAVA has announced that from 2021, its annual congress will be held at Manchester Central.

In 2020, BSAVA Congress will have been held at the ICC Birmingham for thirty years. However, recent years have seen ever greater competition from the London Vet Show, so the plan to revitalise the event further north at an award-winning new venue with such good transport links seems to make a lot of sense. 

Manchester Central's size also means that unlike in Birmingham, the commercial exhibition, lectures and demonstrations will all take place under one roof, maximising the use of delegates' time. 

Angharad Belcher, Head of BSAVA Congress said: "We’ve had a first-class experience in Birmingham, and we could not have asked for more from the venue. We know that 2019 and 2020 will continue to be popular, however, it’s time to move BSAVA Congress forward and revitalise the offering to our delegates and exhibitors by bringing everything into one building. The move to Manchester enables us to invest even more in speakers and delegate experiences, to make BSAVA’s education programme truly unsurpassable."

BSAVA President Philip Lhermette said: "It’s very much a new city for a new Congress and celebrations will be in order. Manchester lends itself perfectly to a timely transformation for Congress. We will be completely re-branding the event, modernising the CPD programme and making the best possible use of every minute of every delegate’s time over the full four days. We have been working closely with the city and venue in practical terms to offer a whole suite of options to delegates and exhibitors, from irresistible new socials and extensive accommodation choices, to easy transport routes."

Shaun Hinds, CEO of Manchester Central said: "After getting to know the association and their vision, it was clear that they wanted to transform the experience of their delegates. The ambition of the association matches that of the city and Manchester has the perfect blend of venue and vibrancy to develop the BSAVA Congress of the future. We’re delighted to be welcoming them in 2021 and we’ll work hard with the organisers to create a unique and remarkable experience for their delegates, exhibitors, partners and all visitors."

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  • Now I do feel old! can remember going to the first one in Brum - before that it was Harrogate - I liked Harrogate