npower has released the results of a survey of 2000 pet owners which revealed that 33% say their pet has alerted them to danger.

Given the improbability of anyone being alerted by a goldfish: "blub-blub-behind-blub-you-blub-blub-the-blub-frying-blub-blub-pan-is-blub-on-fire-blub", one has to presume the respondents were talking about dogs.

But no, according to npower, 10% of the participants in its survey reported that their cat or dog had directly saved their life, or the life of someone they know. 

Really? Saved by a cat? I should have thought a cat would be more likely to turn on it's heels and strut out of the room nonchalantly. 

Still, the point of the npower's research was to highlight the dangers of carbon monoxide. In its press release, the company pointed out that pets can suffer CO poisoning symptoms of vomiting, tiredness and erratic behaviour before people. 

So perhaps that's what the cat owners meant when they'd been saved by the cat: like a miner would say they were saved by a canary. 

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