Veterinary Care for Exotics, the app developed by Mark Rowland, BVSc CertZooMed MRCVS from the Trinity Vet Centre, has had a series of major updates.

The app, which was designed to provide veterinary surgeons, nurses and receptionists with quick access to up-to-date biological data on a wide range of exotic pets, now contains information about 40 different exotic pet species, from Grey Parrots to Sugar Gliders.

Each species entry offers an overview of the pet, details of common conditions, therapeutics and treatment videos. 

Mark, pictured right with a Sulcata tortoise  said: "There are a wide range of exotic pets that are becoming increasingly popular with pet owners, yet very few vets understandably have advanced knowledge in this niche area. The "Veterinary Care for Exotics" app for vets means vets, vet nurses and receptionists can now have this knowledge at their fingertips, giving them the reassuring back-up they need when presented with more unusual pets."

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and from Apple's app store, priced at £11.99.

For more information contact Mark Rowland:

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