Invicta Animal Health has launched an improved version EthyCalm, its vapo-coolant spray for desensitising skin before needling a patient.

EthyCalm is sprayed directly on the skin, or, for more fractious patients, can be applied with a swab. 

Invicta says that unlike other products the effect is instant and EthyCalm leaves no residue on the skin surface.

The improved product, EthyCalm Plus, contains 50% more product (good for over 100 applications) and incorporates a new 'on-off' switch for easier application. It is also now packed in a 'no-roll' case to protect from damage.

Rob Watkins, Managing Director of Invicta, said: "EthyCalm has been an incredibly popular product with nurses and vets. As a small company we always listen to our customers and have taken the opportunity to incorporate suggestions for improvement. The result is EthyCalm Plus which offers significant enhancement over the original product".

EthyCalm Plus is available from veterinary wholesalers and for a limited time the price has been held at £25 each.

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