New research from a laundry equipment manufacturer has found that the majority of UK veterinary practices think they need to do more to stop the spread of infection.

The company behind the research shall remain nameless because whilst it has a great PR agency which produces some interesting press releases, the tight so-and-sos have never spent so much as a single bean supporting the community with any advertising. And whilst we always publish stories that are of genuine importance and even the odd piece of PR propaganda-puff, we have to draw the line somewhere.  

Where was I? Oh yes. 57 of the 100 veterinary surgeons (64 practice owners, 7 senior partners and 29 employed vets) surveyed by the unnamed company said they think their practice could do more to prevent the spread of infection. 

79 said they are concerned that they are not consistently following correct hygiene protocols.

54 said they need more staff training and 53 said they want to be able to give staff more time between appointments to allow longer for more thorough disinfection of equipment and surfaces.

The company says its research suggests vets may need to do more to educate pet owners on the threats of poor hygiene and the spread of infection. Only 14 of the 100 veterinary surgeons surveyed believe that pet owners know enough about this, and pets not being vaccinated against disease was the second most common frustration vets felt about owners’ standards of pet care.

An unnamed spokesperson from the unnamed company said: "A busy vets practice is naturally focused on the care and health of its animal patients, however, hygiene standards are a vital aspect of this. With a full schedule of appointments, it can be difficult to effectively ensure all infection control procedures are covered. As a result, it’s easy for vets to overlook the important role laundry has to play as part of this process."

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