New expert paper on nutritional needs of older dogs

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New expert paper on nutritional needs of older dogs

FEDIAF, the European pet food industry federation, has published a new expert paper on the nutritional needs of older dogs.

The paper was written by FEDIAF’s Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of independent academics from leading European universities, with the aim of informing both the industry and the public.

Based on recent scientific data, the paper explains the different life expectancies of dogs related to their size, and defines when "old age" sets in. It explains how changes in the digestive tract can affect food intake, how food texture may become a crucial factor, and how aging can lead to changes in energy metabolism and alter the nutrient requirements of senior dogs. It also offers practical guidance to pet owners for feeding an older dog.

Dr Thomas Brenten, Chairman of FEDIAF’s Nutrition & Analytical Science Group said: "Age-related changes in cognitive functions, behaviour, skin, digestive tract, cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, degenerative joint and skeletal function, as well as urinary disorders are the most common issues concerning older dogs. Many of these can be addressed via nutrition."

The paper can be downloaded in the new section on science on FEDIAF’s website:

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  • Link to download paper doesn't seem to be working??

  • that's the link they provided - I just checked and it seemed to work for me - links to a file, not a page as such.