Burgess Pet Care has announced that this year, Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) will run from 2nd-10th June and urge rabbit owners to 'move away from muesli'.

During the week, veterinary professionals, retailers and rabbit owners will be encouraged by Burgess and campaign partners the RSPCA, RAWF, Wood Green, PDSA and Blue Cross to sign and share a pledge to move away from muesli on the website: http://www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk

Alex Thorne at Burgess Pet Care, said: "Muesli should never be part of a rabbit’s diet but, sadly, a widespread lack of understanding and awareness around its risks means it’s often too easy for rabbit owners to make the wrong choice. Research continues to show that there is a lack of understanding around the correct nutritional needs of rabbits, and the continued feeding of muesli is a major outcome of that.

"Feeding rabbits muesli increases the risk of selective feeding. Just like children would typically pick sweet treats when faced with the choice between them or vegetables, rabbits will eat parts of the muesli mix that are high in starch and sugar, whilst leaving behind the more nutritious elements.

"We’re encouraging all rabbit lovers to get involved with this year’s campaign by visiting the Rabbit Awareness Week website and signing the ‘Move Away from Muesli’ pledge, before spreading the word amongst fellow rabbit owners. It’s our ambition to move as many rabbits away from muesli towards a good quality hay-based diet supplemented by a small portion of high-quality nuggets and a few fresh greens, which provides the nutrients rabbits need to be happy and healthy."

Burgess says there will also be campaign packs to help support practices in spreading the word, details of which will be available nearer the time. 

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