The Government has announced plans to ban the use of electric shock training collars in England.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said: "We are a nation of animal lovers, and the use of these punitive devices can cause harm and suffering, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to our pets.

"Organisations and MPs have campaigned against the use of shock collars passionately and we are listening to their concerns.

"We are now proposing to ban the use of electric shock collars to improve the welfare of animals."

Defra has launched a consultation on the proposals, which you can take part in here: 

BVA President John Fishwick said: "We welcome the Government’s launch of a consultation on banning the use of shock collars in England and would like to see it result in an effective ban soon.

"Electronic training devices such as shock collars have been proven to cause pain and unnecessary suffering, and we know from leading veterinary behaviourists that using fear as a training tool is less effective than positive training methods, such as encouragement or rewards, and can take a toll on an animal’s overall welfare.

"We were in Westminster last week along with several animal welfare charities to highlight the issue and call upon Members of Parliament to back a ban on the use of shock collars. We were pleased to see several MPs pledge their support."

BVA will continue to push for an outright ban on the sale and import of shock collars across the UK. 

Photo: Electric shock collar / Petrovskii Ian / Shutterstock

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