Zoetis has announced that Simparica, its once-monthly oral treatment for flea, tick and mite infestations in dogs, is now licensed for Otodectes Cynotis and Demodex Canis in addition to Sarcoptes Scabiei.

Launched in 2016, Simparica kills 95% of fleas within eight hours. It's also indicated for 99% of UK ticks and kills them within 12 hours. Zoetis says the produce provides protection for at least 35 days without losing efficacy at the end of the month.

Scott Wheway, Zoetis Product Manager, said: "As well as being fast acting and long lasting with a very good safety profile, these new claims give Simparica an expanded spectrum of cover for skin parasites. It is indicated for all four major species of ticks, including Ixodes hexagonus, the two species of fleas dogs are most frequently infested with, and three species of mites. This makes it the ideal solution for parasitic management in dermatology cases".

Scott added: "Our anti-parasitic products, including Simparica and Stronghold Plus, are only part of the Zoetis offering. With our dedicated business and veterinary consulting teams we work with practices to help grow their preventative health business by providing better patient outcomes and increased client value."

For more information, contact your Zoetis Account Manager ring 0845 300 8034 or email: customersupportUK@zoetis.com

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