Dechra has launched Redonyl Ultra, a complementary feed for cats and dogs with allergic skin conditions.

Redonyl Ultra contains essential fatty acids, Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) and Biotin.

PEA is a naturally-occurring bio modulator which Dechra says has scientifically proven activity against the mechanisms that contribute to inflammation and pain, while Biotin is important for synthesis of fatty acids and support of optimal skin condition.

Dechra Brand Manager Claire Morgan said: "Redonyl Ultra is a great addition to Dechra’s extensive Dermatology range that allows an holistic approach to treatment, control and maintenance of dermatological conditions.

"Allergic skin conditions are among the most common causes of skin and ear disease in cats and dogs, and it is estimated that up to 15 per cent of dogs are affected by atopy. In situations where an allergen cannot be avoided, multi-modal therapy is useful to control the clinical signs."

Redonyl Ultra comes in a convenient bottle size of 60 skittle capsules, in two strengths for different sized animals. The capsules can be opened and given with food or ingested directly, or swallowed whole for flexible administration.

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