The Veterinary Medicines Directorate has announced that Norbrook Laboratories Ltd has issued a recall for Meloxaid 5mg/ml Solution for Injection for Dogs and Cats (Vm 02000/4397).

Norbrook has verified that the pH of certain batches has increased over time and is out of specification.

This issue impacts the following batches:

  • Batch No 6094-93B Expiry Date: 03/2019 10ml pack
  • Batch No 6094-94M Expiry Date: 03/2019 20ml pack

A spokesperson said: "There has been no increased risk to animal safety identified but we take quality extremely seriously so we initiated a voluntary recall. We have informed all of the competent authorities and we are working with our distributor to advise immediate quarantine of any remaining inventory."

If you have any questions concerning the recall, contact Ms. Anita Vanderlaan Tel: +44 (0)28 3026 4435, Email: