The RCVS has announced the results of the 2013 Council and Veterinary Nurses Council elections.

4,661 veterinary surgeons voted, the highest turnout seen in ten years. 1,329 veterinary nurses voted, the highest ever number.

Veterinary surgeons voted incumbents Christopher Gray, Peter Jinman, Bradley Viner, Christopher Tufnell, and Jeremy Davies back onto the RCVS Council. However, the highest number of votes was given to Thomas Witte, who will be new to Council when he takes his seat in July. Veterinary nurses voted similarly by returning Andrea Jeffery to VN Council, whilst giving to Amy Robinson, another newcomer, the largest number of votes.

According to the College, turnout in both elections has increased markedly on last year in both absolute and proportional terms. Votes were cast by 4,661 veterinary surgeons (18.8%) and 1,329 veterinary nurses (12.5%), compared to 3,625 (15.1%) and 743 (7.5%), respectively, in 2012. 

Gordon Hockey, RCVS Registrar said: "We're delighted with the increase in turnout. It's difficult to pinpoint the reasons for the increase, but hopefully, it's because increasing numbers of vets and nurses are feeling more engaged with the College. We have also undertaken extra communications activities this year, such as the 'hustings', which we hope have helped."

The Council election 'hustings' was a new venture this year, with RCVS Council candidates able to select three questions, submitted by voters, to answer in a live webinar run by The Webinar Vet.

Veterinary surgeons and VNs could cast their votes by post, online, or by text. The majority of vets voting chose to cast postal votes (3,247), as did the majority of VNs (1,055). Whilst voting online was used by 1,330 veterinary surgeons, only 227 VNs chose it as a means of voting. Voting by text was used by only 84 veterinary surgeons and 47 VNs.

The successful candidates will take up or resume their seats at RCVS Day on 5 July.

The full results of the two elections are as follows:

RCVS Council election

WITTE, Thomas Hermann - 2,251 (Elected)
GRAY, Christopher John - 1,974 (Elected)
JINMAN, Peter Charles - 1,949 (Elected)
VINER, Bradley Phillip  - 1,927 (Elected)
TUFNELL, Christopher Wynne - 1,883 (Elected)
DAVIES, Jeremy Vincent - 1,830 (Elected)
STURGESS, Christopher Paul - 1,809   
CONNELL, Niall Thomas - 1,596   
ROBINSON, Peter Bayley - 1,366   
ELLIS, Robert Nigel Ward - 1,302   
GRANT, Lewis George - 832   
TORGERSON, Paul Robert - 824   
LONSDALE, Thomas - 337   

Twenty-two votes in the RCVS Council election were found to be invalid.

VN Council election

ROBINSON, Amy - 725 (Elected)
JEFFERY, Andrea Karen - 607 (Elected)
BADGER, Susan Frances - 459
TOTTEY, Helen Wendy 332   

One vote in the VN Council election was found to be invalid.

The 2013 RCVS and VN Council elections were run on behalf of the RCVS by Electoral Reform Services.

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