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Dear VetNurse Member

Today I have a report for you to download and share with everyone at your practice.

It reveals the results of a survey carried out by and to shed light on bullying and unpleasant behaviour in veterinary practice.

The report should be of particular interest to anyone who has been bullied or subject to unpleasant behaviour at work.

It should also be of interest to any practice manager, owner, veterinary nurse or surgeon who wants to make sure it doesn't happen at their practice.

Finally, it's a must read for anyone who is interested in staff retention, particularly at a time when everyone says how difficult it is to recruit new people.

The report reveals who is most likely to bully who. It reveals the most commonly reported types of unpleasant behaviour. It also shows one simple action that correlates with a reduced incidence of unpleasant behaviour in practice.

My theory is that the more behaviour is discussed openly, without recrimination, the better everyone in the team understands one another and the less likely it is to happen.

So please download the report, TALK ABOUT IT amongst yourselves, and if you have any constructive suggestions or feedback, do come and tell me what you think.

Download Behaviour in Practice report here.

Come and discuss here.

Look after yourselves and look after each other,

All the best

Arlo Guthrie

PS. Keep an eye out ... the survey is being reported in Vet Times this week as well.

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