The 2019 BVNA Council elections saw three new full Council members and two new student council members added to the BVNA Council.

Nine candidates stood for full membership and Samantha Payne, Jack Pye and Matthew Wright were elected.

Charlotte Ottewill and Hilary Wood were appointed uncontested as student members.

BVNA President Wendy Nevins said:

“I am thrilled we have once again had a contested election for Council. We should all be grateful to the candidates who were willing to put themselves forward for selection by the membership.”

The turnout for the election was less than 5% - slightly down on 2018 levels. BVNA President Wendy Nevins said:

“It was strange to see more candidates but slightly fewer voters. I do think the appetite is growing amongst Members to represent the profession. They can see the impact the BVNA has through initiatives like VN Futures, the relevance it has to them as professionals and the support it can offer them day-to-day in the workplace. The challenge now is to translate that into voting – something we will take a close look at in the year ahead.“

This year also marked the successful introduction of new comprehensive guidance for candidates and internal guidance for staff. This forms the first part of a comprehensive review of elections within the BVNA.

A BVNA spokesperson said:

“We had a thorough review of our election processes last year and it was pleasing to see things go so smoothly. We always welcome feedback from candidates and members and seek to make things a bit more robust and a bit smoother each year.”

The next part of the review will be completed in the coming months with a close look at election timing, terms of office and the introduction of new guidance for Council Members and Officers.

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