If you have undertaken a research project relating to the veterinary nursing profession and are excited and passionate about sharing the methodology and results of the project, Research Bites is a platform to enable you to do so! Research Bites provides an opportunity to showcase your research at BVNA Congress 2019 in bite-sized summaries in the form of a poster and short oral presentations.

We have been working with BVNAs Learning & Development committee and we have decided to tweak what was previously known as Clinical Abstracts Competition and associated Science Café at BVNA Congress. We are very keen to continue running the competition because supporting and sharing research is vital for the continuing progression of the profession in terms of further education and development relating to animal welfare, engaging owners, aspects relating to practice management and veterinary nursing education.

We would like to invite researchers to submit an abstract based on their research project and subject to peer-review, the researchers will be asked to provide a bite-sized summary of their research in the form of poster presentation at BVNA Congress 2019. Traditionally, the best poster competition has been determined by judges alone but one of the changes we are excited to inform you about is that delegates will also be able to vote for their favourite poster presentation too. Both the judges’ and delegates’ opinions will be used to determine the winner of the poster competition.


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