The clinical article ‘How hard is too hard’ suggests that a fractured tooth is more common than owners realise. Educating our clients on appropriate chews and clinical signs of fractured teeth can reduce any potential discomfort to dogs.

The ‘Surgical treatment of the hyperthyroid feline patient’ article discusses a range of treatment options and reminds us that post-operative monitoring is imperative due to the risk of complications that can occur.

‘Infection control and hygiene: a guide to best practice’ discusses that infection control protocols are essential to maintain safety of patients, staff and clients by minimising risk.

Educating students can sometimes be a challenge and developing life like models to help students practice and visualise can be invaluable. This study looks at whether an endotracheal intubation model prepares students for anaesthetic procedures in clinical practice.

The Feature, ‘The elephant in the consulting room: we are failing obese pets’ is an insight into the debate that was held at BVNA Congress 2019 during the Fringe event. The Animal Welfare Foundation facilitated the debate between Josephine Oakden and Alex German about whether obesity should be classed as a disease or a symptom of malnutrition.

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