Find out why Jo Oakden joined BVNA council…. “I joined BVNA Council in October 2017 and am currently Junior Vice President.  I had been a BVNA Regional Representative from 2015 and felt ready to get more involved with BVNA.”

If you want to find out more about joining the council, nominations are open and close on 31 March

An Exciting Blur!

“The first year on council was a bit of a blur, but an exciting blur! There was a lot to learn.  I had never been on a committee before, so I had to adjust to the way a committee works. But I have learnt a lot, with support from some amazing RVN’s also on the council. I have definitely made some friends-for-life along the way.”

“In my second year of Council, I became Honorary Secretary. This gave me insight into some of the political workings of the organisations as well as giving me a role being the liaison between council and office staff. I had put myself forward to become President and became the Junior Vice President in 2019 to be the President in 2020.”

“During my time on council, I have been part of some fantastic working groups. The notable ones being:

·       the VN Futures Board

·       the Good Workplace Working Group with the BVA

·       BVNA council and BVA to create a new position statement on Obesity in Companion Animals

·       lecturing at BVNA Congress”

Are you passionate about your profession?

“You should apply for BVNA Council if you are passionate about our profession.

We are so fortunate to be able to be involved at a time where we are pushing for change, and change is happening.

Now is the time to get involved to shape the profession into the sustainable and recognised profession we want it to be.

You will learn so many new skills that will help you in your job as an RVN, as well as growing your confidence in numerous areas.

You do not need to have experience, support is given.

You get out of BVNA council what you put in to it. So come and be involved!”

Thank you Jo…

If you want to find out more about joining the council, nominations are open and close on 31 March #BVNACouncilElections2020 #BVNAVolunteering

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