Last Friday, Robin Millar, Strategic Director of the BVNA was elected as the MP for Aberconwy.

Robin has tendered his resignation in order to focus on his new role and we are discussing with him how to ensure a smooth transition and the continued development of the BVNA. 

Jo Hinde, President of the BVNA said:

"The BVNA is committed to the development of its members and our staff. Robin has always been open about his political interests - which pre-date his involvement with the BVNA. In the two years Robin has been with us almost every part of the BVNA has been strengthened and developed - staffing, finances, member services, internal governance and more. So while we are excited for Robin, we are also sad to see him go."

Robin Millar said:

"Working for the BVNA has been an extraordinary privilege and a great pleasure. 

"Veterinary nurses are often under-valued and there is much work to be done to change this. 

"The BVNA, along with the BVA and RCVS are the key institutions to lead this change and I believe the BVNA is now much better placed to play its own part in this. 

"I look forward to watching the continued development of the BVNA and the advancement of Veterinary Nursing over the coming years."

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