The BVNA Council poll opens at midnight on 1st June 2019.

A BVNA spokesperson said:

“Once again this year we have an election to decide on who will fill the three full seats on BVNA Council. This is a great demonstration of our Members’ interest in representing their profession.”

For the third year in a row BVNA is holding a contested election to allow Members to decide who will represent them on their Council.

The field of nine candidates represents a wide range of interests, ideas and priorities. Members can view the profiles of each candidate on the BVNA website.

Members can view a profile of each candidate on the BVNA website. The profile says something about the person, what is important to them – and what they would like to do if elected on to Council.

A spokesperson said:

“The BVNA is the representative body of veterinary nursing so it is important that members inform themselves about the candidates, decide which ones will best represent their interests and the veterinary nursing profession – and then vote accordingly.”

A link to the Ballot Paper will be e-mailed to each member.  Each member can vote for up to three candidates. For more information on the election and timetable please see the BVNA website.

For more information on the candidates visit our website


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