It is with sadness that the BVNA learned of the death of BVNA Honorary Member, Rosemary Popplewell recently.

Rosemary was BVNA's first Honorary Treasurer, when the association was formed in 1965 and was qualified RANA No. 9 

BVNA would like to send its thoughts and condolences to Rosemary's family and friends at this difficult time.

Rosemary Popplewell's Biog

In 1961 or it may have been 1962 a bunch of hopeful candidates - about 30 - 40 in number made their way into the Royal Veterinary College building in Royal College Street near Mornington Crescent. We were shown up to a room to take the first part of the ANA exam (I can remember the smell of boiled fish to this day!) I think we had practical questions but I am not sure.

A year later the successful twelve returned to take the final exam and ten of those passed. I was No. 9.

About one or two years later Jennifer Townson suggested we form an association and arranged for the first meeting to be held in a London hotel (she generously paid for the room as a gift)

We all paid the princely sum of £1 to start the association off. Jennifer was elected to be chairman, Pam Cooke the honorary secretary and I became the first treasurer.  After the first committee meeting, my first job was to collect the remaining £1.20 from the members as it was decided that the membership fee would be two guineas!

The committee meetings were held in a variety of venues - a committee member's friend's flat, a vet's waiting room and eventually we were offered a room at the BVA HQ.

We dearly wanted to be called the 'British Veterinary Nursing Association' but that WASN'T ALLOWED! The vets didn't like it! The human nurses objected! At least we were British!

There was a lot of discussion on this subject. Surprisingly Jennifer, Pam and myself were invited to the RCVS HQ where we had lunch with the Registrar - Mr Porter! In 1984 we all became veterinary nurses and were issued with new certificates and badges (The BVNA has my original in their archives!

I met Ali (Alison Deas) when she visited the practice where I worked in her capacity as a rep. She asked me to write 'a piece' about vet nursing as saw it over the thirty years I had been involved in the work, I eventually worked at there for 42 years!  

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