On Tuesday 17 April, Shakira Free Miles RVN spoke in Parliament on the behalf of the campaign on Breed Specific Legislation. Shakira was invited to discuss this somewhat controversial subject for The All-Party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group meeting.

The meeting 'Where are we at with BSL and dog bite prevention?' was an opportunity to discuss the concerns across the board regarding BSL and its effects on society. Shakira spoke along side Peter Egan (Animal welfare campaigner and Actor), Victoria Stilwell (celebrity dog trainer) and Dr Kendal Shepherd (veterinary behaviourist), James Parry (Parry and Welch solicitors) and Paula Sparkes (The Centre of animal welfare-A-LAW). The Police were invited, accepted then unfortunately declined this opportunity to review the findings and experiences from people directly involved in BSL enforcement, which was a real shame as they are integral in helping to reduce dog bites. The APDAWG platform is to discuss things, not debate them. It is a respectful way of meeting and learning from all sides of the problem. The last one was testing on dogs, where the dog testing laboratory staff even came to talk to us all about this emotional subject. 

Shakira was honoured to open the meeting with her presentation to share a veterinary review and the concerns regarding the enforcement of BSL on dog welfare. She wanted to share her insights with APDAWG and the attendees, as it seems this is simply not discussed or talked about openly. Shakira spoke about how BSL effects the veterinary profession, the expectations from us regarding enforcement, seized dog welfare, veterinary obligation and the extremely important point that there is no evidence to support the continuation of neutering and killing dogs based on their conformation.

The veterinary profession is supposed to be based on scientific evidence, evidence that supports a diagnosis of a disease or supports a specific treatment. Yet we are expected to kill dogs based on no evidence. In our  (The SaveABulls campaign) opinion it is an utter insult and we refuse to continue to allow the members of our profession to be put in such an unfair situation.

Shakira touched on cases that she had been involved in, one recent example where a dog had been returned home with extensive bruising after a neutering procedure, in almost 10 years of clinical practice 'It is one of the worst I have ever seen'. This dog was returned with known complications and no pain relief or owner support and has had to pay out multiple times to have these complications corrected with more surgery since his return.


BVNA are very supportive of this campaign and have also adopted a position statement on BSL which is a real milestone CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Shakira has also recently filmed a webinar on BSL and Dog Bite Prevention, which is FREE for BVNA Members, CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS

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