1. This was an op at Mike Martins Referrals it is a foreign body in the lung x-ray. 

  2. Moving into the patient and finding the foreign body. It took quite a few grabs with the scope grappers to get it out.
  3. The pen is there for size comparison. The barley awn stunk to high heaven. Mike J worked out it had probably been there since about august harvest time, about 3 months. The patient was an ESS, they and labs are the commonest for this type of problem.  I placed some of the bits we grabbed out by the side of the main barley plug as well. Apparently the animals tolerate the putrid mess really well and apart from a slight cough do not show much else. A human with that lot in would be in a hell of a mess.

  4. The bronchiole is red and inflammed but will soon heal with a course of anti b and no irritant sitting in it.