Add a veterinary event to the diary


Most of the fields that you need to complete below should be pretty self-explanatory. However, to get the most out of this system, there are two things you need to do after completing the first of the four tabs below:

  • Click Attendees and RSVP, and from the drop down box marked 'RSVP', select SITE MEMBERS. This will allow members to indicate that they are coming to your event, and their names will then appear on your public event page. It's a great way for friends to see who is going.

    You will also have the ability to email those members who have indicated that they are attending with further information.

  • Click 'Additional Options' and select the 'Event Type' from the drop down list. This will colour code your event on the main list.

In addition members can share your event on other social networks, and we are also taking specific steps to optimise your event to appear on Google. 

Calendar - Event Editor
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